Are Online or Virtual Schools Going To Be New Trend?

With the rapid development of the Internet world and technology, many people think that this development should be reflected in the field of education. Some developers and engineers who have created innovations in the field of technology, think that the current education system is a obsolete  and old education system. Of course, it is possible to say that there are many educational scientists who do not agree with this view. However, this situation cannot prevent the integration of technology and the Internet world into the world of education more and more.

The Development Of Idea of Online Schools

Since many people around the world have started to use unlimited resources on the internet for educational purposes, researches have been started on whether the whole education process can be done on the internet. These studies have often revealed that such a education process is possible. In this context, new educational concepts and rights were also revealed. Some of the concepts that revealed after this understanding are that, sanal classes, online courses, online trainings, etc. For example, those who do not want to go to school and who want to get the virtual or online education in the home, start to tell their request more frequently. According to the law officially adopted in the United States, individuals can now go to school online. In this case, students will not have to go to school physically.

In the light of all this information, it is not surprising that this kind of school emerged. However, many educators argue that this situation will harm social development and integration of the individual with the environment. People who oppose this argument argue that social development can also be realized outside the school. In this process, it is possible to see many experts offering different opinions.

But will virtual or online schools become a new trend? Traditional habits and institutions are disappearing day by day. Instead of these, more sophisticated, more sophisticated and more virtual institutions and methods are beginning to emerge. In this context, virtual or online schools are likely to become a new trend. On this train, however, many people approach distance. Because the concept, called school for centuries, pointed to an area to be physically visited. Therefore, it should be known that it will not be easy for people to give up these habits.