One of the researches conducted by many on the Internet is the education system in America. The education system in the United States is an educational system that has many alternatives and therefore confuses people. In terms of basic features, it is easy to understand the most important structures of the education system in America. We provide detailed information on these issues on our website. You can learn about different types of schools in the United States under many categories. In today’s article, we will give you some information about basic school types. In general, many individuals want to hear brief information about the main characteristics of schools. Therefore, we believe that this article will be useful for many people. If you’d like, let’s start giving information about this.

First of all, let’s list the names of basic school types. Then let us briefly explain the most basic characteristics of these schools. Here are the most basic pre-university school types found in the United States:

  • Traditional public school
  • Charter school
  • Magnet school
  • Virtual or Online school
  • Traditional private school
  • Boarding school
  • Language immersion school
  • Montessori school
  • Private special education school
  • Parochial school
  • Religious school
  • Reggio Emilia school
  • Waldorf school

All of the above school types are the kind of school that many people are curious about. If you wish, starting with the most preferred and most curious basic school types, let us give some explanations:

  1. Traditional Public School: Traditional public schools are generally governed by federal governments. All the requirements in these schools are covered by the tax systems of federal governments. Therefore, people who want to register for this school can register for free. In these schools, the decisions of the federal governments generally apply.
  2. Traditional Private School: Such schools are generally funded by an investor or by a private company. These institutions accept their students with periodical payments. Therefore, it is not possible for students with insufficient financial status to study in these schools. It is possible to say that the average amount demanded monthly is around 10 thousand dollars.
  3. Magnet School: These schools are generally free schools. The number of foreign students and immigrant students is quite high in these schools in the category of public schools. Because this school is different from other traditional schools, it is a school with fewer limits on student recruitment. This is the philosophy of the Magnet word in the name of this school. This school serves as a magnet that attracts everyone who wishes.